Breathe Flow Meditate

A Sound Bath meditation

Next Session | June 11th

Sessions are every other Tuesday.

About the Practice

Breathe Flow Meditate is a meditative experience that transports you to a state of blissful awareness through the practice of Yoga Nidra. Sound healing instruments, and healing chants by Anita Vasan , accompany the meditation as your awareness deepens through layers of consciousness. The practice will start with light movement and Pranayama (breath-work) to calm the mind and body before moving into the meditation, towards a blissful state of peace. Blankets/pillow/mat are provided to keep you comfortable.

Meet Anita, your guide

Anita Vasan understood the transformative power of breath through d yoga while healing from deep-seated stress and anxiety. She found peace and found deep meaning from the simple practice of being “present” and started spending more time in silent meditation retreats. Anita invested in the exploration of breath through the yogic practices as the wisdom of these practices slowly changed her life.  Growing up in a family of doctors, healing the mind and body was an innate part of her upbringing, and after traveling back to India to study and train as a teacher, she eventually started to share her practice with the world. One of Anita’s favorite practices is Yoga Nidra as it is where she has found deep levels of peace and freedom. Anita grew up as singer and integrates her voice and powerful chants while she guides meditations.